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Intensive research has proved that 90% of all disease could be traced to putrefaction (that is the buildup of waste toxic materials) in the colon (large intestine). This happens when the body is unable to flush out build up waste in the system effectively. The residual waste piles up and concentrates, resulting I many health problems.

What are the causes?
•    Absorption and secretion become completely or partially suspended.
•    The stomach and intestine are unable to function properly.
•    The liver become clogged and over loaded with pile.
•    The kidney are filled with decayed tissue and dead blood corpuscles.

And the result?
The blood, which should be pure, becomes contaminated and poisoned and is pumped through the heart to every conceived part of the brain to the toes.
You can imagine how much such blood, instead of building and repairing the tissues of the body only succeeds in poisoning the entire system.

A lot of unpleasant ailment occur when putrefaction results. Some of these are:
Indigestion, Constipation, Gas, Headache, Stomachache, Abdominal pain
Pills (hemorrhoids), Appendicitis, Bad breath, Varicose vein, impure blood, Pimples
Boils, Obesity, High blood pressure, Insomnia, Protruding stomach, Stomach cancer
Epilepsy etc.

What can be done?
It is of prime importance that the bowel are out in good condition good with pure natural colon cleansers such as SUPER BITTERs to ensure intestinal cleanliness so as to put an end to the many disturbing ailment in the entire system.

Super bitter is a potent natural health food tonic and great healer prepared under strict hygienic and scientific conditions. It speeds up the natural cleansing of the entire systems and improves intestinal absorption as it gently empties the bowels. It cleans out toxic fecal matter, mucus (phlegm) encrustation (hard coating) from the colon wall, helps normalize the peristaltic action and rebuild the entire system. It is such a precious blood purifier and unfailing remedy for so many diseases. There are very few remedial agent or herbs in the whole range of known therapeutic agent that can compare with the potency of SUPER BITTERS.

What are the benefit of SUPER BITTERS
Users of this great medicine have attested to the following fact that SUPER BITTERS:
•    Cleanses the colon of impurities
•    Purifies the blood, improves circulation and promotes the sight.
•    Takes away fullness of heaviness.
•    Prevent and heals boils, pimples and skin problems and keeps the skin soft, supple and silky.
•    Normalize the function of the heart, liver and kidneys and prevent urine retention.
•    Prevent and enhances the cure of all types of fever (hay, typhoid, malaria, jaundice, hepatitis etc)
•    Regulate menstrual flow, eliminate painful and irregular menstruation and also improves fertility in women.
•    Enhances sexual performance with men especially when taken with EROXIL 5000.
•    Softens hard stool and prevent pile (Hemorrhoids) appendicitis and varicose veins.
•    Evacuate phlegm from the system, especially in the chest, lungs, bowel and waist.
•    Helps  one to slim naturally without any side effect and rejuvenates the body.
•    Bring protruding bellies back to normal shape.
•    Relieves gas in the bowel, expel worm and cures all stomach troubles including ulcers.
•    Clears headache, migraine, neck pain, back and waist pains, rheumatism, gout and arthritis.
•    Relieves uneasiness and fatigue; promote sound sleep and energizes the body.
•    Get rid of harden mucus in the body which may result in cyst, tumors (fibroids) or polyps.
•    Treat virginal discharging and itching.
•    Clears deposit of cholesterol in the walls, thus preventing high blood pressure and stroke. Most effective in this respect, when taken EROXIL 5000
•    Prevents hangover.


SUPER BITTERS is taken by millions of health conscious people worldwide. Even die-hard Doubting Thomas’s have testified to its efficacy. Try it yourself and benefit From it its immense working power. You will discover the fact that SUPER BITTERS is a step ahead of other bitters. We you have a choice. Just give it a trail.
What is SUPER BITTER made of?
Golden seal, Bitter Cola, wonderful Cola, Garlic.

Adult dose, 2 table spoon to be taken twice daily before meals. Age below 12 years, 1 teaspoon twice daily. Expect signs of free bowel movement about 8-10 hours after intake. If too frequent stool result, reduce dosage. Adjust dosage upward or downwards to suit one’s own requirement.

 First intake of super bitters induces very active action with frequent stools, are the body of being cleansed of mucus and other toxic wastes. Subsequent intake after this body cleansing exercise are comparatively mild in action. With time the bitter taste also minimizes.

Can everybody take super bitters?

It should not be taken by
•    Pregnant women
•    Those suffering from cholera and diarrhea, unless symptoms are cleared.
•    Women with excessive flow of menstruations, unless menstruation stops.
•    Those with serious bleeding piles, unless bleeding ceases completely

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