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On the average, the heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood everyday through 60,000 miles of blood vessels, taking less than a minute for a round-trip…. That’s 55 million gallons during the average life-span. To perform this vital body function, your heart needs to be at its best working condition. The arteries, veins and capillaries which are the main vessels through which the blood and oxygen are carried must also be free of impediment. Health is an orderly, harmonious function of the body and this state of harmony continues as long as the heart and blood veins do their work efficiently.

What are the causes of heart/circulatory disorder?
Your circulatory system according to medical science is transportation system of your body. You can think of your circulatory system as having roads and your blood as the vehicle by which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to every cell, supplying the raw materials for life-sustaining energy. But then this transportation system can break down because of various factors like high cholesterol levels, poor diet, high intake of salt and dairy products, buildup of toxins, obesity, etc, resulting in buildup fatty deposits along the artery walls.

What happens then?
The arteries close up making it difficult for the blood to pass through unless more pressure is applied to push it. This make blood pressure rise. There are no specific warning signs. Although persistent headaches, dizziness, fatigue, tension sleeplessness, and irregular breathing sometimes go with high blood pressure, they are also common in other cases and may result from a variety of causes.

And the Result?
High blood pressure adds to the work load of the heart and arteries. The heart must pump with more force, and the arteries must carry blood that is moving under greater pressure. If this continues for a long time, the heart and the arteries may not be able to function as well as they should, resulting in a breakdown of the transportation system and inability of the blood organs as well, and lead to increased risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure, heart attack and many others.

What do you do then?
The blood circulation must be constantly moving rhythmically and steadily. The arteries must remain elastic, flexible, and clean and open so the blood will flow to every square inch of the entire body from the brain to the toes. To achieve this you need to rid the body toxins, wastes and mucus (phlegm) by first using SUPER BITTERS CAPSULES.
The unbeatable body cleansers which even the die-hard doubting Thomases says “YES” to its efficacy. Having cleansed the system of impurities, follow it up with “EROXIL 5000” (the 45 herbs formula plus).

What is EROXIL 5000?
Eroxil 5000 (45 herbs tincture of high potency value) contains nutrients needed to strength the entire body particularly the heart and cardio-vascular system. It helps increase blood flow and maintains healthy blood pressure levels by ensuring that the blood vessels are always clean and in good condition for good circulation. It is excellent for those on cholesterol diet, and generally used by health conscious people for its other numerous benefits. Even for the ordinary super bitters, 46 different ways are listed in which it can be used to promote good health. This can be seen in Marian Trebians popular book “health through God’s Pharmacy”. You can’t therefore underscore the power of the Eroxil 5000 a 45 herbs plus formula.

What is EROXIL 5000 composed of?
Garlic, Eugqnia bcaryo phylatta, zinigiba officianale, garcinia cola, plumbayo zeylanicia, lantana, eosinium, Etandrophragma utile.
What does one benefit from using eroxil 5000?

It is established that EROXIL 5000
•    Strengthens the heart and build the cardio-vascular system. Taken with SUPER BITTERS, it reduces cholesterol levels, stimulates and improve blood circulation.

•    Helps clear artery wall of fatty deposits and keeps them clean.

•    Stop contraction and spasm of the blood vessels in the limbs.

•    Eliminates the possibilities of heart attack.

•    Helps in the prevention and recovery from paralysis and stroke

•    Is an excellent rejuvenator for these suffering from high blood pressure, paralysis and stroke

•    Retards the development of blood clot and makes hardened blood vessels elastic again

•    Prevents oedema and numbness.

•    Tones up body organs, relieving too much work on the heart.

•    Prevents premature aging especially when taken with SUPER BITTERS

•    Effectively calm the nerves with its soothing formula and rebuild verves health, vein, and artery walls.

•    Relieves nervous tension, chronic nervousness and stress related conditions

•    Stop bodily pains and migraines

•    Strengthen the immune system to prevent sickness.

•    Is useful in treating shortness of breath, epilepsy and nervous exhaustion

•    Helps increasing activity of the pancreas by bring sugar level under control

•    Clear uric acids

•    Clear lumps in the breast

•    Stops external bleeding and heals open sore

•    Makes forgetfulness a thing of the past.


EROXIL 5000 Is indispensable in building and maintaining good natural health. Users of this preparation benefitted from its tremendous healing effects, and it continues to gain wide acceptance among health conscious people worldwide. Do not wait till you are caught up with serious health problem! Get a bottle of EROXIL 5000 and put your health back on track!

How should it be taken?
Suggested use (Adult) as a dietary supplement & for maximum benefit take one small cup (20cl) to be taking in the morning before breakfast. Taking it along side with super bitters will revitalize you into a life of good health, vitality, youthfulness and longevity.

Where is EROXIL 5000 available?
You can obtain it from various pharmacies, chemist and health shops nationwide accredited agents as well as all Yemkem offices nationwide.