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There is no doubt that there are inherent benefit in the use of herbal medicine. Indeed, the benefits has no end, but below are some advantages imbued in the use of herbal medicine to human race.

It is non-toxicity and has no side effect, it doesn’t heal alone, but builds the body immune system to fight reoccurrence of the ailment;

It is based on experience and practices that are passed down from one generation to another, therefore perfection is certain herbal doctors are easily accessible of herbal medicine imported; it is natural and therefore compatible with our body system.


Due to some human problems especially in the area of health, we’ve taken our time researching in our indigenous herbs and we have come out with some herbal product. All our herbal products are carefully researched and formulated by Dr. Prince Akintunde Ayeni. Our product are non-toxic and are fit for human consumption.

Holistic medicine is an important part of African culture; it is a complete health system comprising herbal remedies, nutrition, and lifestyle. Its effectiveness have been supported by a lengthy history of empirical evidence. Natural medicine originates from the leaves, fruit and seeds of many thousand plant of from natural substances, therefore Yem-Kem (after many years of research and development) has produced many chronic/ deadly disease by rebuilding the immune system to fight chronic/ deadly disease. Over the ages, it has been found that most of the human being problems or sickness could be traced to infections (bacterial and viral infections)


Also available in this website is the list of all our branches nationwide both within and outside the country. Besides, we have our distributors and marketers nationwide.